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BIG NEWS For Becca Events

Friends, I’m excited to share some big news and CELEBRATE with you...

With gusto, GRATITUDE, and love, Paul and I welcome you to help us CELEBRATE that I have decided to let myself “graduate” from catering, and Becca Events and Catering has officially catered it’s last formal event! CAN YOU BELIEVE? I hardly can either!

We are SO DEEPLY THANKFUL for your 10 years of business, loyalty, encouragement, and support. We just received word that you voted us “Favorite Local Caterer” for the third year in a row and we are just tickled... Hey- It’s good to go out with a bang, right?!

2020 was a weird year for all of us, but Becca Events and Catering was fortunate to fair well by staying nimble and changing our practices over the year, and we really feel like we “won” the pandemic. We had a strong business game plan for 2021, and...

Ya’ll... I had a burning knowing that I needed to change directions, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t un-know it. It would not leave me alone. The truth is that 2020 was the best year of my life, (I was one of those weirdos), and it gave me the great gift and opportunity to slow down, do a lot of self work and healing, and really evaluate what I WANT to do with my time and energy. It helped me look at how I can best SERVE my little family, the world, and my own body... Catering is VERY physically demanding work!

The knowing I felt was CLEAR AS A BELL​, and so... here we are. I realize that it’s a funny time to switch career paths, but at 41 years old, during a global pandemic, and after spending a decade building a successful business that seems pretty bulletproof, I truly KNOW it is time for me to “graduate”. Life is so, so funny.

My (best) business partner (ever), Paul Brady and I will be forever bonded, and will always be partners in helping people and improving our community. We are both committed to our advocacy and service to The Phoenix Center, which helps kids who have experienced trauma, and their families... Like my family! No one besides Paul could have made the last few years of catering more fun for me. He gave me a firmer foundation, and the opportunity to do my best as a “creative”. Paul Brady has a unique and beautiful way of seeing and APPRECIATING my talents, and my heart, and always finding the best way to help me succeed. He also sees ways we can succeed bigger and better TOGETHER, especially when it comes to helping others. I’m so thankful for him, his constant support of me, my kiddo, and my dreams and wellbeing. Paul and his family took me and my Izzy Lou in as part of their gang, and that won’t ever change... Because he can’t get rid of me! I just love that guy!

There is so much more to say, and I WILL say more things in future posts!

For now I’m thrilled to report that I (finally) started writing a book... a memoir about my life. I hope it helps people. If you enjoy my posts here, you might enjoy my blog, which I will announce soon! I am excited to continue growing as a public speaker, activist, and community builder. Oh- and hey, food will always be a thing for me! I want to add GOOD CONTENT and GOOD LOVE to this world. That’s what I know as I set out for my next adventure!

For now I will close with gratitude for YOU, our clients, supporters, fans, and past and present staff members. Thank you to every client who trusted us with your special day (or week sometimes)!

Thank you to everyone who put blood, sweat, tears, and grace into this thing over the years. MANY people labored with love to support this business, and I am truly grateful for each one of you. Thank you to our community who has LOVED US and helped us grow, flourish, and give back. Thank you to talented vendors who helped my visions and my clients’ desires come to life. Thank you to everyone who gave me a chance. Thank you to everyone who provided opportunities for me to let my creative brain explode, and to support my child. Thank you to everyone who poured energy, support, and enthusiasm into us from near and far. To everyone who has loved on us in your own ways for the last 10 years, thank you. We love you back.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

Love, Becca

Chef Becca was the 1st Place Winner at the Horseshoe Bay Resort Wine & Dine Festival for Unique Signature Dish, 2017

Chef Becca was the 1st Place Winner at the Horseshoe Bay Resort Wine & Dine Festival for Unique Signature Dish, 2017

Voted “Favorite Caterer in the Marble Falls Area”,

2019 & 2020

Chef Becca was 2nd Place Winner at the Horseshoe Bay Resort Wine & Dine Festival for Unique Signature Dish, 2019